Thursday, November 6, 2008

Greetings to the world

Welcome to Chelsea Men's Shed blog page. The purpose of the blog is to allow fellow Sheddies to raise issues for discussion, ask questions and seek help from each other.

Your blog managers are Colin, Programmes Co-ordinator, and Gary, Business Development, and they will call into the blog as regular as possible and provide any help and assistance.

All we ask is that all comments and suggestions are constructive. Respectful political incorrectnes is allowed from all genders however we ask that obscene, pornographic and scatalogical material is not contributed.

Colin & Gary

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is the Chelsea Men's Shed?

The Chelsea Men’s Shed is community support programme of Chelsea Care Works, the Community Services arm of the Chelsea Church of Christ.

What Can You Do at the Shed?

Chelsea Men’s Shed offers men of all ages in the Chelsea and surrounding community a place to meet and share opportunities, practical experiences and ideas, find companionship, and continue to contribute in a useful way to the community, and provides a range of programs, activities and services that include:
· Wood working.
· Metal work—small item welding.
· Gardening.
· Computer Training.
· Workshop Facilities for the home maintenance projects.
· Counselling and support services on Men’s health and personal relationship issues.
· Referral to agencies or groups that provide health, well being & support services.

Who is the Shed for?

Chelsea Men’s Shed provides a location from which men in the following groupings can access health, well being support and community education services and programs:
· 19 to 35 long term and short term unemployed,
· 35 to 55 recently retrenched, or forced into early retirement,
· 55 plus retirees seeking social interaction.
· Men of all ages who are facing social isolation, depression, mental and physical ailments as a result of the changes to their lives.